A precision cutting and precision parts manufacturer in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Japanese


We are a group of extremely highly skilled engineers. The manufacturing environment is getting harsh year after year. However, we take pride that SEIRITSU is continuing to leap forward every year by continuously improving the know-how that we accumulated over the years, and by quickly accommodating the needs of the customers.

The fundament of a corporation is “people.”
Experience, age, gender, and nationality are not considered at all.

From youths in their teens to experts with 60 year experience, our workplace is full of family atmosphere. There are many female engineers too.

Please contact us any time. Let your unique ability bloom!

Please contact us via email or telephone first.

Tokyo Headquarters: +81-3-3493-1621 (Inoue/Itakura) Tazawako,
Hanaizumi Office: +81-187-46-2511 (Echigoya/Ito)

Sales section (few positions)

The sales section at the Headquarters is the “face of SEIRITSU” assisting the work at the field.
Information is distributed to all sections of SEIRITSU with the superior network as their arsenal, and customers from finest major corporations trust our know-how accumulated over the years.
Please contact us regardless of experience.

Manufacturing section (few positions)

The manufacturing section at the Headquarters based in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Both experts and youths are being successful with their superior skills. Advance craft will be instructed thoroughly, so there should be no worry for a person without any experience.

Tazawako, Hanaizumi section (few positions)

This is the key station of the SEIRITSU manufacturing section.
Would you like to manufacture products with us in a privileged natural environment?

There are many employees from out of the area. We look forward to your contact.

For the details of the employment location, refer to the following Company Overview.

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